Company director fined $434,000 by Singapore Customs

Created on 12 Aug 2015

Investigations revealed that Tok, who is the director of Interasia SHH, had imported boxes of zippers and sliders from China and subsequently re-exported the goods to various countries in Europe. However, when applying for export permits, he had falsely declared the country of origin of the goods as Indonesia, despite knowing that the goods originated from China.

Indonesia is part of a European Union scheme, which would allow Tok's customers in Europe to pay lower tariffs when importing the "Indonesia-originated" zippers and sliders from Singapore.
"Making false statements to obtain certificates of origin and fraudulent import and export permit declarations are serious offences under the Regulation of Imports and Exports Regulations," said Mr Wan Boon Oon, head of Trade Investigation Branch.

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Source: The Straits Time